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Sons of Anarchy

I knew that it was one of the Nomads who was part of the group breaking into homes but Clay being behind it is just fucked up. I liked the sheriffs wife, Unser was hurt, I loved Piney & Opie, he’s responsible for Donna and even Popes daughter…Clay NEEDS TO DIE. He has destroyed people’s lives because he’s just a fuckheaded asshat and that doesn’t even count JT.

What are your thoughts on this or other parts of the show?


Hello world!

So I cant say that I will always keep up with this blog or have an opinion for everything you want to talk about. Mostly I just wanted to open this blog as a forum to discuss your favorite shows and mine. I love some Falling Skies, True Blood, Sons of Anarchy and the newest edition to my must watch list is Revolution. However feel free to talk about any shows you like. I mean there are a lot more on my list thats for sure so we can chat up just about any show.


Hope you enjoy talking TV